By now I would have to imagine that everyone has heard about Google Plus and you might be asking “why should I care about Google+?” You might even be saying, “I don’t want to learn another social network!”  I think when you understand the advantages of Google+, you might find the time.

How to Use Google PlusWhy care about Google Plus? Google plus is more than just another social network, it’s more of a hybrid between social media and search. Understanding that social media is not all about you, but more about sharing what is around you, Google plus is changing the game.

If you are an online marketer or a local business, consider how customers want to communicate with you, how consumers are researching for products, brands and services.. this is why you should care about Google+

Google Plus allows you to not only get in front of your customer, but allows your customer to find you much easier than with any other social media service. By simply sharing a page from your website on Google Plus, you are helping your business rank higher on Google Searches.

One of the advantages of being on Google Plus now is that is is new. You can take your time to learn it and be ahead of the curve once other people start catching on… and believe me, they are going to. So starting early will give you and advantage because you will be in more “circles” (social circles) making it even easier for people to find you. 

7 Big Reasons to Care About Google Plus

  1. New content indexed quickly—When you share your new content using Google+, Google will usually index the page rapidly.
  2. Follow links— Google+ doesn’t just allow you to link to your other profiles with others on the internet, it also allows you to embed followed links into your bio directly.

  3. Embed links— Using Google+ you are allowed to insert as many links into your posts as you want. You can do it directly. All you have to do is put in the full URL. When you do, Google will format it automatically as a link. Think about that.. that more your posts are shared, it also increases the value of that backlink.

  4. Optimize Title Tags—Part of your title tag comes from the first sentence of your post on Google+. Increase your chance of ranking,  by giving it a good title.

  5. Unlimited Editing— This is huge and something that you can not currently do with Facebook or Twitter. If you want to change or update a post or even update the media that is attached to that post, you can edit them at any time. So any post that may have one viral, you can update it at any time.

  6. Connection to influencers— If you’re looking for notification triggers for increasing your connection to influencers in the same industry, Google+ lists several different ones.

  7. CircleRank Checking— This is a new tool. If you paste your Google+ URL, it will allow you to keep an eye on your follower growth. You can check the viral status of your posts and see your “CircleRank” score as it compares to other profiles on Google+.

Become an Early Adopter with Google+

If you feel like you are behind the times in technology, now is your time to become an early adopter and begin to understand how to use the power behind Google+, this can put you way ahead of the curve. Learning how to use Google+ for your niche will give you several advantages over your competitors.

Here is you chance to get way ahead and learn the in’s and out’s of Google+ quickly! Download our copy of +Plus Google Authority and keep your business where it’s at, or you can move forward.

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How to Use Google+


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