As an Internet marketer and trainer, I have lately been sharing what I think of Google plus and the value of it.  The responses I am getting in general are positive but there are still people who are almost fighting Google+, why is that?

Internet MarketerI am not saying to drop your Facebook accounts or delete your Twitter accounts… what I am saying is when it comes to Internet marketing, Google+ is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

After spending a lot more time learning how to use Google+,  it is the opinion of this Internet Marketer that anyone, regardless of what you are marketing online, could very well be left in the dust if you are not building your circles on Google+.

Google+ is almost making it so you don’t even need a website or mobile app simply because the tools they offer almost make them obsolete. For example, when you create a Google+ Community for your niche, people get notified via their mobile devices just like an app would push notifications.

Google+ Event Hangouts could very well be one of the most valuable tools on the Internet now for Internet marketers. It allows you to build a targeted audience like no-ones business! It also takes advantage of the two most powerful and active Search Engines on the planet, Google and YouTube.

Why, as an Internet Marketer Would You Not Want to Be on Google+?

I posted  in one of my LinkedIn groups one of my previous articles about Google+ encouraging my peers to start paying attention to Google+. I noticed that not everyone was on board.

Holly says;We have no real following (non-profit soccer club) on Google+. I agree with @Scott, the users I’ve found really using it are marketers. 
I stress about Google+ because I feel as if we are guilted / blackmailed into using it if we don’t want our Google search to drop. It’s just a waste of time for our niche.”

Nicole replied; “…I’m really torn about G+ because it should be the best social network to be on — it’s got genius features like Hangouts and the look of the profiles are awesome. But I personally don’t know anyone of my friends who actively use G+ to share and communicate, it’s still Facebook all the way. I’ve started exploring a lot more and I enjoy going on it for personal reasons but I wonder if I really do have a strong case to suggest using at work for social resourcing…”

Maybe I am missing something, but are we not all on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks because we are Internet Marketers? Is it not the goal and responsibility of each and everyone of us to get more traffic to our niches?

Personally, I am not marketing to my friends, I am marketing to be on the top of Google since that is where well over 90% of my traffic is coming from.

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

I totally agree that as a Social Network, Google+ has a ways to go. HOWEVER,I believe that their strategy is focusing less on beating Facebook at social networking and more on creating a different kind of search and social hybrid destination.

So if you are looking at Google+ as a substitute and/or comparable Social Network like Facebook, you may be missing the forest because of the trees.

The Bottom Line to Me is Traffic to My Niches.

Google+, in the little time I have actually been using it, is proving itself (to this Internet Marketer) as one of the most powerful tools in my online arsenal.

If you would like to learn more about the power of Google+ and how to use it, please follow us on the “Best Online Marketing Webinar” on Google+ and if nothing more, at least you may learn to not look at Google+ as a Social Network, but a completely different type of Internet Marketing tool.

To Your Success!