When it comes to viral marketing, there are many factors that help things go viral on the Internet, but the biggest factor to getting a product to go viral is when you can get other people to do the sharing, thus doing the marketing for you.

What Makes Things Go Viral on the Internet?

I think that most of us would agree that we hate being marketed at, so why do companies continue to do it? What really works best in viral marketing campaigns for businesses or products is when companies figure out a tool or technique that will allow others to market for them, leaving it up to us.. the consumer, to share their marketing with our friends and followers.

Getting Your Business Viral MarketingSo how do you get that to happen for your business? What can you do to get people to want to start share your marketing? First the idea of something going viral is not always up to you, the idea seams to spread like osmosis, but their are ways to help it spread faster.

A new method of helping your business go viral on the internet is not in the message but more in the package the message is delivered in. To put it simply, why not have your business and/or product piggy back on something that has as good of a chance as anything to go viral?

Today more than ever social media plays an instrumental part and is a huge determining factor whether something is going viral or not. So knowing this, share with your followers something that people will like and want to share.

What Gets the Most Viral Activity?

Right now images and videos are the top two things that people are sharing and liking on social media. What a lot of companies are doing is either adding a link beneath the image and/or video or adding their website, company name, slogan, image on the image itself.

Something else that can easily go viral are cool apps and things that amuse us. Think about a 3D cube that people can spin and play with. A cube has 6 sides and your cube can promote your business or product as it is spread through-out cyber space.

Add video’s images, audio and much. much more on your Plum Cube! Share it with your friends and followers and most won’t look at it as “in your face marketing”, they will look at it like a cool tool that is hard to stop playing with! They will want to share it with their friends, and those friends will want to share it with their friends and so on and so on… Now, without much effort, you business has gone viral! 

The Plum Cube Makes Viral Marketing Easier!

Introducing the 3D Plum Cube.

Get more likes and go Viral with the Cube! There is a brand new 3D app called the Plum Cube that is sure to be the next Internets viral marketing sensation. No matter you business, large or small, the Plum Cube will prove to a tool to drive significant traffic. No only is this viral marketing tool easy to use, but it is affordable for anyone that needs a great tool for viral marketing on the Internet.

This is why the 3D Plum cube is going to be a vital part to any marketers tools. The 3D app is not only a high tech, multi-mulitmedia tool, it is fun for everyone, keeps them entertained and because they are simply cool, people will be more encouraged and will want to share these Cubes with other followers and friends they have on Social Media.

What All Can the Cube Do? 

  • You can add images and Audio’s
  • You can add text
  • Add Your Facebook Page
  • Add Your Twitter Page Feeds
  • Create PayPal checkout straight from the cube
  • Add the most popular Social Bookmarking sites
  • Add entire video libraries
  • Add Promotions
  • e-Commerce sites
  • Mulitimedia including PowerPoint presentations
  • Any RSS News Feed
  • ..and much more!

The Cube also offers a Text Message and e-Mail system and CRM

This is totally of the charts! 2000 text messages a month! Update a video on your cube and text it, email it, share it on social media!

Any business, from Real Estate to Hot Sauce will find that this cube will one of the most powerful marketing tools they have ever come across!

Help your business go viral by sharing a fun, easy to use app! It’s that simple!

Earn Money by Simply Sharing the Cube!

Maybe you want to earn a little extra money, maybe you don’t have a business you are marketing online and are looking for a great opportunity to earn what could be a pretty could monthly income. The Plum Cube is a business in a box…or cube! The Plum Cube is an affiliate program in a box… or cube!

For anyone that anyone that clicks the “get your cube” link on your cube, you can also earn a referral each month for the lifetime of the customer! So as your cube is getting share after share, people will want to click the “get one now” and they will and you get the referral fee!! For more information visit the Cube!

You may never come across an opportunity like this one again! It’s new, it’s cool, it’s fun, it’s functional, it’s affordable, it’s a money-maker and it’s easy to use and set up!

Get Cubed Today and Let’s Go Viral Marketing!

For more information visit our member site at http://member.seo-alien.com/order-plum-cube/ and be part of our Cube Sharing Team! Market your business, earn some extra cash and have some fun with us!

To Your Success!