Wednesday, Aug 20th 2014! 9pm ET. (6pm PT)

How to Get Scads of Targeted Traffic with Quizzes!

Get Scads of Target Traffic with QuizzesHave you noticed how viral quizzes are getting online? Chances are, if you have spent any time on Facebook lately you have seen them being shared and you may have even taken one yourself.

One of the by-products of a good quiz is it will get tons of shares on social media which in return will drive volumes of traffic to your website and your quizzes “special offer”.

On this weeks hangout we are going to share with you several of the techniques and strategies that will allow you to get the most out of a quiz.

This weeks webinar will cover these topics below and much more!

  1. Why a Quiz?
  2. Different styles of Quizzes
  3. How to get your quiz seen by scads of targeted visitors
  4. How to create a “Call to Action” on your Quiz
  5. How to keep your Quiz in the eyes of potential customers

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