Social Media and Search Engine Marketing:

If you have found that Facebook Marketing is perplexing, you’re not alone. Facebook Marketing has been a tough nut to crack for many businesses.

Introducing a Facebook Marketing tool that unlocks the power of Facebook Marketing!

Facebook marketing is not as simple as creating a Facebook Page, anyone can create a Facebook Page for their business, but then what?

Facebook Marketing ToolsThe #1 question by many Facebook marketers is “How do I grow loyal fans on Facebook?” A few other common questions that fall into the grouping are;

  • “How do I create engaging content that will keep people following our Social Media Channel?”
  • “How do I get my Facebook fans to participate more on our pages?”
  • “How do we engage our followers with limited company resources?”

Any of those questions sounds familiar to you about Facebook Marketing?

Here is an awesome Facebook Marketing tool that will allow you to easily grow your Facebook Fanpage organically!

With this Facebook tool you will be able to find the right communities and pages that will allow your page to grow because you are targeting your company with qualified followers.

Facebook Marketing

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“This Facebook marketing tool actually gets you the audience and the fan base that you really want and need to keep your company growing.” Roger Safont, Creator of Facebook Marketing Software

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Search for Facebook pages that are the right pages for you to post on that will drive traffic to your page. Simply add the keywords and the Facebook marketing app will pull up pages that match your search as well as shows the activity on those pages.

For example, one way the SEO-Alien uses the Facebook Marketing Software is as follows;

  • We do a search for what I would be targeting, in this example we are targeting “Search Engine Marketing” and in less than 2 seconds it pulls up all the relative types of Facebook Pages and Groups, the amount of followers and people talking about it.

Facebook Marketing for Search Engine Marketing


  • From here I can find a community that has the most members and most talking that let’s me know it is an active community. Then I like the page I want.
  • Then, using the Facebook Marketing Software, any time I like I post directly to that group!

Posting to Facebook Group

This Facebook Marketing Software does so much more.

  • Easily manage your Facebook Pages ‘likes’!
  • Find conversations that match your marketing strategies!
  • Search others members comments and questions so you can reply showing your expertise!
  • Quickly post to groups that are relative to your niche!
  • ..and so much more!

Harness the Power of Facebook Marketing that is so simple and fast
achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort and time!

Facebook Marketing Software


To Your Success!

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