How to Create Viral QuizzesLearn How and Why You Should Be Successful using Quizzes

  • The #1 article on NY Times in 2013 was a quiz
  • 8 out of the top 10 shared articles in the last 8 months are quizzes.
  • Huffington post just launched their own quiz tool
  • People that take quizzes are 68% more likely to share their quiz results on social media

Why are quizzes so viral?

  • They are engaging, nourishing and challenging
  • They are challenging, people like to be challenged and know where we stack up.

The Quiz Recipe:

  • 1lb. content
  • 2 cups Context
  • 3 tbsp. Channel
  • Pinch of luck

How to Create Insanely Awesome Quizzes

  • Quizzes can capture the attention of people on the web for several minutes at a time without them even knowing it.
  • People that are taking quizzes are open to learning!

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