Wed, March 6, 2013:

There is more to marketing online than creating Social Media profiles. If you are not creating a clear image through-out all of your Social Media sites by sending a consistent message about your business, then you missing a valuable part of your online marketing strategy. Image is everything!

Brand Your Social Media PresenceThis Wed, March 6, 2013, 9pm est – 6pm pst- The Best Online Marketing Webinar will be sharing;

  • The best sites to create your Social Media presence
  • Creating profiles that get attention
  • Creating a powerful branding image

Your image will create a consistent look to your followers that will not only show professionalism, but will also create a ‘Branding Image” that will allow people to remember and recognize who you are immediately.

Creating Graphics and Banners

One of the challenges a lot of people have is not knowing how or where to create graphics, what size graphics to create and what are the best sites are to create your Social Media presence.

This webinar we will share with you all the image sizes you need to create to quickly create a powerful branding image for your brand across the most powerful Social Media sites.

We will also share with you several sites online that will allow you to create awesome images for your brand easily.

Join us Wed, March 6, 2013 (9pm est – 6pm pst) and learn how to out brand your competition!

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