Your “Best Online Marketing Webinar” Hosts

Jim Patterson

Marketing & Sales Training Specialist

Jim PattersonSEO & Social Media Trainer

Host: Jim Patterson writes and speaks on the online marketing topics that he works with every day.  As the COO of two companies launching marketing tools products and a direct sales opportunity, these topics are more than just theory for him.

The thirty plus years that Jim has spent in all areas of sales, marketing and training have given him a unique perspective on applying these skills across any and all industries. From sporting goods and the retail shoe business to banking, insurance and the financial services industries he has acquired insights and strategies that he genuinely enjoys adapting to unique marketing challenges and sharing them for the benefit of any and all that are interested.

Jim has also written and spoken on topics in the realm of personal development, health and wellness and “New Thought” topics.  These topics have more overlap with the marketing and sales world than is commonly thought. 

Readers and students of Jim’s work are generally entertained, educated, motivated and relieved of unnecessary stresses.  

Mike Barnes

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

Mike Barnes of the

Co-Host: Mike Barnes Founder of SEO Alien, is a national speaker, Search Engine and Social Media marketer that is dedicated to helping his customers reach the highest in optimization. 

Mike certainly knows what it takes to be the best since he has been not only one of the top sales people in the USA, but also has been an award winning professional water skier, snow skier and hang glider. Mike has been pushing the frontiers of the online marketing possibilities and is always seeking new opportunities that can make the Internet work for any industry.

Mike has always taken advantage of the Internet marketing possibilities. His online techniques helped him rise to the top.  Today, Mike uses Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and many other social media websites, to create a Matrix of high ranking links around your website that drives them to the top of the search engines.

Mike has trained in sales, motivation, and positive thinking.  His professional sports career, sales achievements and passion have showed him how to be competitive in this ever-changing Internet world.